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  • Henrik Asmussen
    General Manager
  • Dr. med. Thomas Schwaller
    Medical Director
  • Dr. Florian Muschaweck
    Head of Business Unit General Medicine
  • Karin Czuk
    Commercial Lead Biosimilars and Defend Products Switzerland
  • Andrea Passalacqua
    Head of Business Unit Inflammation
  • Dr. Sandra Brunner
    Head of Business Unit Oncology
  • Maggie Hirsiger
    Head of Human Resources
  • Rene Bachmann
    Head of Finance & SME
  • Sarah Frei
    Head of Regulatory Affairs
  • Tamara Spichtig-Röthlin
    Compliance Lead
  • Gilles Marrache
    Senior Vice President,
    General Manager Europe
  • Nawal Peacock
    Vice President,
    Marketing and Commercial Excellence
  • John Kearney
    Vice President and General Manager,
    Europe Mid-Size Markets Region
  • Gavin Lewis
    Vice President, Value & Access
  • Bob Sexton
    Vice President, International Legal Affairs
  • Michael Egermann
    Executive Director, Human Resources
  • Victoria Anashkina
    Executive Director, North&East
  • Soren Giese
    General Manager Italy
  • Shameen Khan
    Executive Director, Compliance
  • Emma Gilbert
    Director, Corporate Affairs
  • Isma Benattia
    Vice President, Medical
  • Corinne Blachier-Poisson
    Vice President and General Manager France
  • Allyson Nicholson
    Vice President Regional Medical Director
  • Roman Stampfli
    Vice President, General Manager Germany
  • Fina Lladós Canela
    General Manager Spain
  • Chris Walker
    Vice President Regional Medical Director
  • Justin Claeys
    Executive Director, Finance
  • Chris Fox
    Vice President,
    General Manager
    United Kingdom and Ireland